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Prices May Change Without Notice.

For Most Current Pricing, Please Call And Ask.


(All pizzas are cut into 8 slices, but can be cut into 12 slices or Party Cut upon request)


                                                                                     12" Round                       14" Round

REGULAR PIZZA                                                     $10.25                                   $12.50

- Tomato sauce, Mozzarella cheese

and Green Peppers.

TOPPINGS:                                                                  $2.25 Full Topping                $2.50 Full Topping

Pepperoni, Sausage,                                                     $1.25 Half Topping                $1.50 Half Topping 

Mushrooms, Black Olives

Onions, Bacon, Hot Peppers

Extra Cheese, Extra Peppers

WHITE PIZZA                                                               $10.50                                   $12.50

- Butter sauce, Mozzarella & Romano cheese

w/ garlic, basil, and oregano, choice of peppers.

BRIER HILL PIZZA                                                      $10.50                                   $12.50

- Tomato sauce, Romano cheese, olive oil

w/ garlic, basil, and oregano, and Green peppers.

MRS. LU'S SPECIAL                                                   $13.25                                    $16.00

- Brier Hill Pizza with Sausage and Onions added.

SUMAVECCI (SOME-OF-EACHY)                                  $13.75                                   $16.50

- Using a combination of Sausage, Mushrooms

and Pepperoni. Every single slice is different.

Includes Green Peppers. No Topping Substitutions

Pizza Of The Month

"Pickle Pizza"

A white pizza shell with a pickle juice based sauce,

covered with pickle slices, Romano and Mozzarella cheese

topped with Garlic and Dill Weed. 

12" $11.00            14" $13.00


TRADITIONAL WINGS        10 Wings - $9.50

BONELESS WINGS          10oz Order - $6.50


Ranch, BBQ, Hot, Mild, Garlic, Cajun, Sweet Chili


MOZZARELLA STICKS               $4.50

 - 8 Pieces served with

a side of tomato sauce

STEAK FRIES                             $2.50

- 10oz order

MOZZARONI                               $7.50

- A large slice of our Mozzarella

cheese, breaded and fried

then served on a bed of pasta, all

covered in our tomato sauce.